Setting Up a Subdomain

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by Chocky222
Ok, i have 2 servers at home, one is my dads that he uses for a mail server (which also has web access) and its running on Port 80 and he has 3 domains pointing to our IP. I have my own which is on port 81, and i run a few websites and junk on them.

We're both running Apache on Linux. I asked my dad if i can get a subdomain on one of his domains, but he doesnt know how. The thing is, I want the subdomain to point to my server on port 81, when someone access it on port 80. I found numerous articles on how to do it on the same computer, but no clue on how to do it for remote computers.

If it helps in anyway, we're both running Webmin on our servers.


[P.S] Hey all, just signed up.
by Nliush
by Valdieron
Well, he'd need to speak to whoever administers the DNS record for his domain, and have the subdomain created and resolving to your server's IP.
by pearljam743
Umm, we use and we didnt see anything about subdomains, only aliases. we have DNS running on our server too, we have like almost every type of server running on my dads system.
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