How do you add URL to blekko?

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by Melaniep
by SoggyPeanutPatrol
anybody know? I've been searching and reading about blekko a bit. Just cant seem to figure out how to submit a url to blekko
by grady
I believe you simple add what you want from and keep public selected for it to show up in the search results.
by Workaholic

I've just created my account on Seo chat forum and came across your issue I think I can help you out, as I have already submitted my site on blekko, below process may help you a lot.

• once registered, login then??(give a name of your slashtag) [any name ur wish] after that create your own url.(search for website to add your slashtag)
• type your website’s URL into the section entitled “List websites and slashtags:”
• lastly, click the “Create Listing” button.

cheers :)
by kendvp
Dear Nathaniel

Adding url to blekko is not simple as it seems b'coz I'd tried to add my url but I couldn't get success in one shot.
by readingaddict
THANK U VERY MUCH ,it worked
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