How does Google See This?

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by Jw00325
by Skeletal
I know a company that is doing something that I consider as search engine spamming. I'd love to hear your insight about such a practice.

This company has a main site AAA that ranks well for many keywords. Now it signed up a domain name BBB and launched the site. The site BBB is nothing but frameset that pulls all the pages from site AAA. If you are at site BBB, the url never changes as you navigate through the site. I looked at the code and found it set up a frameset with site AAA as its content.

I know Google can crawl sites built with a frameset. So, I assume Google will find out about this sooner or later. Does Google consider this as duplicate site or spam? If it does, does Google penalize just the site BBB or both sites?

Thanks in advance!
by happycat1984
Anybody who answers will be guessing.

I'd spend my time improving my own sites rather than worrying about someone doing something that will probably have a worthless result.
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