Free Transparent Image Maker

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Transparent Image Maker is used a lot to create transparent logos and icons of professional websites. Transparent Image Maker removes background color of non-transparent image format such as jpg and bmp, and generate new image of png format supporting transparency.


  • Smart background detection - automatically detect image background color and area without mouse click by hand.
  • Smart fuzz setting - automatically seek good fuzz values to accurately remove background color without damaging foreground area, finally produce a series of high quality transparent images.
  • Accurate user control - if automatic algorithm fails, you are given full control to set fuzz value by hand.
  • Island noise removal - automtically remove island noise points which are recognized as foreground area by most algorithms used by other websites.


  1. Choose image file from your computer, click 'Upload' button; Or, input image url, click 'Upload by URL' button.
  2. After transparent images are generated, right click the one with ideal quality and choose 'save image as'.
  3. If no image is ideal, manually choose background color and fuzz value, then click 'Make Transparent Image' button to generate again.
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