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Anybody knows how to embed "embedding disabled" youtube videos? example: I'm not sure you can but I am not 100% sure, as what would be the point in being able to disable embedding if you could just do it manually. But you could try and write the code for it yourself and see if you can get it that way? thanks for the reply. anybody else knows a solution? The fastest and less technical way is to download the video, upload it to your channel and embed it from there. ...
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Hi ALL I have my brand new HTC Desire HD with android 2.2, and I cannot share videos to Youtube, it keeps sayuing that the file is larger than 1 GB when it isn't, even if it's 150 MB, MAYOR FAILURE....... Somebody??? Cause? Solution? Try uploading over wifi instead of 3g. Quote: Originally Posted by sitlet Try uploading over wifi instead of 3g. tried it already Are you using the Youtube app? Maybe try updating it. Have you tried using youtube in the browser? Quote: Originally Posted by sitlet Are you using ...
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could you recommend some famous company can make promotion video for iPhone app? and how much is it? average.... thanks in advance. somequestion wrote: » could you recommend some famous company can make promotion video for iPhone app? and how much is it? average.... thanks in advance. Why waste your money on a "famous company"? It doesnt matter how cool your video is...if no one watches it... I don't think so. I did it myself using simfinger, imovie and snapz pro x. it'll cost u $50 and 1 day of work ...
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look on the video: jordanmeir wrote: » look on the video: Why in the world would anyone buy an app that makes your phone (fake)crash ? Besides you can forget about apple accepting your app. it will be free ! jordanmeir wrote: » it will be free ! Perhaps you should ask yourself why Apple SHOULD accept your app? Does it provide any useful application or lasting entertainment value? What value does it add to the app ...
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Hi everyone I've been thinking about expanding my horizons a bit and doing some video work, especially after realizing how easy it is with iMovie. I've been thinking about making some Clickbank product reviews/spotlights, and using a TinyURL link in the description, but please let me know if that's a bad idea for whatever reason! Anyway, I would love any tips anyone has to offer, as I'm not sure even where to start. I guess I'll fire ahead with some thoughts and questions! ______ What is YouTubes attitude ...
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I have a customer that needs to embed a few short videos (30 seconds - 2 minutes) introducing products on their site. We had planned on using Vimeo's plus (means paid) service. We signed up and upon uploading the first video, we're informed that videos uploaded for commercial purposes including product promotion are not allowed. So... wtf? A paid service that doesn't allow customers to use their own videos for their own business? Any suggestions on how to embed the videos without hosting them ourselves? ...
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I've been viewing YouTube playlists in UIWebViews in a number of our apps for several years without issue. Tonight, however, something odd began happening: Upon first load of the video playlist link after installation of the app, the page loads as expected. Upon any subsequent load (even after the app is quit and restarted) the wrong YouTube page loads. I have an NSLog confirming that the request is made for the correct URL every time. Here is the example url (this happens with any view_playlist): YouTube ...
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Introducing Hacky Tap - The Android Game that test your concentration as well as your Hand Eye coordination. Inspired by the Hacky Sack, Footbag game, Hacky Tap is super simple but don't let the simple game play fool you as the challenge is awesome as you try to keep the Hacky Tap Sack from hitting the ground, battling to get the highest score possible. The game of Hack Sack or Footbag is a extremely intense game against yourself as it you challenge your Hand Eye coordination, your reflexes and your ...
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Recently I made an "introduction" video for my app. You can view it here: My question is, how do you go about marketing an app video on youtube? Is it worth it? I've never done advertising on youtube. I think it's useless OR costs allot. actually the moment you post videos with press releases or on review sites like - you get dozens of reposts of your video on other websites' youtube channels youtube is the second biggest search engine after google. I wouldn't advertise on there but certainly ...
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I am a newbie to this completely, i have no pervious programming experience so i know this isnt going to come easy but i am really really trying. But where are some of the best places you guys have found tutorials? or which ones do you think are the best? I have a friend that let me check out her account and the iPhone SDK tutorial there seemed pretty good. Anyone have any opinons on that? and noticed iTunesU had a Stanford University set of iPhone development episodes. Opinions on that? Thanks ...

YouTube Broadcast Yourself - YouTube

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YouTube - Broadcast Yourself - YouTube

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YouTube Broadcast Yourself - YouTube

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YouTube - Broadcast Yourself - YouTube

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