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I am trying to use the K9 application with Yahoomail on my Droid Incredible. Yahoomail does not work the way I like with the standard HTC email client. It does not save email to sent items when I reply something I really like and when I delete it does not put the items on the server into trash. I have a few questions about the K9 yahoomail setup with PUSH rather than Poll. 1. Does Yahoomail on K9 support PUSH without polling? I want to save battery and avoid polling plus I simply like push better. 2. If it ...
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hi, today i try to loggin to my yahoomail , i found lots of email that doent belongs to me , another things i cannot loggin to my mail after i sign out . Same thing happen to my ebay account . i deal with some spywares before- with microsoft antispyware , spybot .... Anybody got same problem ? please HELP SOS The First thing I would is to update you antivirus, adaware and spybot, run them at least twice, do the same thing under safe mode (just the scan), then show us ur log file if yo still have any ...
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Thread Author #1 Renee33 Posts1 Posts Hi, I have both my Gmail and Yahoo Bizmail accounts running into the stock mail app on my S4. This has worked great until a few weeks ago, when it stopped being able to forward or reply to Bizmail messages. When I try, I get a 'Sending Failed' message. Gmail reply and forwarding still works fine. Bizmail messages seem to be coming in just fine; I just can't do anything but read and delete them. What I have tried so far: Changing the outgoing mail port. It is set up to ...
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I just want to know what specific types of files I can attach at my gmail account? That would be a long list. What files did you have in mind? I was attaching last time a .exe file but the gmail deny my attachment. In yahoo they did not deny it. Why they attach it on yahoomail but in gmail they decline that attachment? http://www.lawtechreview.com/blog/01/16/11/55/87/ There is something on it. Now I know,thanks a lot Don2007. Have a nice day You're welcome.
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Sorry, didnt know the best thread title without asking the full question lol. I am curious if you use a facebook/yahoomail/ or some similiar type of mobile widget if when you receive and reply to messages that show up from these apps if you are charged text messaging reates. I have unlimited verizon to verizon but not unlimited to other carriers! Test messaging rates apply to text messages only. I'm not aware of any Android IM apps that use SMS for message delivery.
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Hey guys. I unthinkingly updated to yahoomail app to 1.2.1 but now it won't functional allow me to reply to livejournal notices. Every time I try to enter a reply in the box, the view jumps so I can't see what I'm typing. Is there anyway to go back to 1.2? Or am I stuck with a phone that won't do what I got it to do? Hi, i have seen some posts that say you should uninstall it and then reinstall and set the account back up, might be worth a try. Pete Seems like that update, shouldnt have been released... ...
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Hello Please provide your comments on this: http://www.google.com/base/help/realestate.html http://base.google.com/base/help/realestate.html. Do you consider it as duplicate content? Regards, Hemlata You quote an example of Google (God) So I am not commenting on that.........: neutral: But one thing I know with my seo experience if same content with different URL is duplicate content. I don't know what think Fathom, Egol, Gazaahk, Click B, seo_pro and other honorable member of this forum. Quote: Originally ...
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So I have my Dinc 2 setup and pulling my yahoo email, but it will not sync with yahoo when I delete email online. It sends and receives fine. It won't reconcile other changes though. Any ideas? I couldn't even get my Dinc2 to push Yahoo mail. Finally just got the Yahoo app and it pushes immediately, also would fix your reconciliation problem. That's if you can't get it sorted on the Dinc2 Same issue using the HTC Mail w/ Yahoo account. If I read, delete, etc online it still shows up as unread on my phone. ...
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i have Samsung Galaxy Fit (rooted) i am not able to move yahoomail as well as gmail, google voice search samsung apps etc from phone memory to sd card pls tell me how can i move them to sd card as the installed applications are taking very big space on phone memory
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