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Hello, I need a script for a random pop up every 5 minutes. I will add the links of the pop ups myself. I need it to pop up 1 of the links every 5 minutes and every time a different one. is this 4 outwar? and... refer to this forum. http://webdesignforums.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5886&highlight=http//1.2.3 Did you look at the thread posted above? It has some code in it that will do what you're asking. Yes it is for outwar yes, this is for outwar. I am making a crew thug builder. Can you please help ...
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Hi, I'm starting a new project/site that will have embebed movies and I'm using JW Player 5 as flash player. I need to add some code that will open a popunder when the user clicks on play, this popunder only shows 1 time every 24 hours. I already have some part of this working but I'm having troubles to put it working. Someone can help me or can referrer some guy that can make this for me? I have some buget to spend on this stuff...I already know some sites that use this stuff, so it's not impossible... ...
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My site currently contains popunder windows that appear whenever there is an onclick event. However, it seems that the latest version of google toolbar block out all my popunders even though they are called up only on onclick events. Are there any sites out there that are able to bypass the toolbar? Or are there any codes that are able to bypass the lastest version of the google toolbar? Thanz in advance Nobody here's going to show you how to do that.
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I am looking for a simple popunder html code that opens a new window in the background without disturbing the visitor while on my site.
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hello, i am learning to program in PHP. noob :classic: i know basic to a small extent. my Javascript knowledge is severely limited. this is my problem. there is a form on base.php the form processor is sitting on processor.php data is being transferred through POST. when the form is filled and the submit button is hit, normally the browser points to processor.php. now what i want: the form is filled, and the submit button is hit. processor.php is opened in a popup window BEHIND the base.php with the post ...
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Does anyone know of any reliable, decent paying pop-up or pop-under service that pays per impresison? I've heard of Valueclick and PayPopUp. Does anyone have any experience with these things?
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We are considering placing a popunder on a couple of sites, both referring to each other when the user closes their browser. ie User on site A, shuts down browser site B opens up. What does Google make of this? Any problems? We can either make the popunder and image with link or make this a full blown page launch. Thoughts please if you would. (By the way, I am not a fan of popups but this is clients not me!) By the way, I am not a fan of popups but this is clients not me! Probably many googlers/users are ...
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