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HI all, This is Ashok. Actually I got the requirement like on click of a button , then it should open a default mail client with automatically attached pdf in the local path which is generated dynamically. So , i tried a lot with 'mailto' and 'desktop' class but when I deploy it in server and tried to hit that url in another system, then mail client is opening in my system not their system and also not able to attach file with both 'mailto' and 'desktop' class. So, pls help me on this issue and can anyone ...
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Hi Plus-Minus Is it possible to use multi-language in android.i have read lacalization in android apis and google gadgets api.Is it possible to use those xml files in google gadgets in android??willl it support?if yes where can i use that xml,whether in layout,values or drawable,anyone reply pls. Regards, Ashok.... Hi Ashok, Are you able to use multiple languages? regards, nisha Hi nisha Im using sdk m5-rc15..Its the latest version of sdk.In this version they are mentioned,Localization and ...
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I am making a website for my one. In which I am trying to move preview of posts into next page automatically after a limited number of previews in home page. And that next page will be directed by the page numbers in the bottom of the site. Just like in http://psd.tutsplus.com/. When they post a new tutorial then the last one in the home page automatically leaves its place and automatically goes back to next page instead of getting a step down. Please anyone kind webdeveloper fren help me to code that. ...
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Hi Guys I am a newbie to iphone development.I have registered in iphone dev center by selecting $99 standard package. but it never asked me credit card info to deduct that and also dev center membership email did not provide instructions about a) where to pay ? b) how can i submit my application to apple for approval and publish in app store ? Can someone please help me on how to submit my application to apple for approval and post in app store? i have devloped 2 applications and struggling to upload them ...
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Hi everyone, I need to play you tube videos and right now I have a list where I display the image and title of the videos. Now as the user clicks on the video button, I want to be able to open the video and play it just like the it does it when we play videos from youtube. please let me know how to do this if you have an idea. thank you. So I followed the tutorial in the sdk and did this. Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ] Hi archie, Were you able to fix the error that you have mentioned because i am facing the ...
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Hi Friends, I wrote a basic piece of code to stream the youtube video onto an Android device. Code is : vv.setVideoPath("rtsp://qtvevdo.mobitv.com:554/39f28/jbvod/encoding-1/2548/618696-3.3gp"); vv.setMediaController(new MediaController(mainActivity.this)); vv.requestFocus(); Where vv is a VideoView. When i run this code on the device, its giving me the following error: Command PLAYER_INIT completed with an error or info PVMFFailure An somebody please help me in fixing this issue? I am using SDK 1.6. Is it ...
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My app crashes with following log.. #0 0x01c408e0 in CFRelease #1 0x01c63b32 in __CFArrayReleaseValues #2 0x01c40a41 in _CFRelease #3 0x00015ce5 in NSPopAutoreleasePool #4 0x002a447c in _UIApplicationHandleEvent #5 0x023a9d59 in PurpleEventCallback #6 0x01c81b80 in CFRunLoopRunSpecific #7 0x01c80c48 in CFRunLoopRunInMode #8 0x023a8615 in GSEventRunModal #9 0x023a86da in GSEventRun #10 0x002a4faf in UIApplicationMain #11 0x00001c04 in main at main.m:14 No useful information on console during crash or ...
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Hi all, I'm looking for a good and cheap android tablet with capacitive display that costs no more than 200$... I saw for example the BrillianTab that has a good price, does anyone know it? any other ideas? many thanks Most cheap tablets horrifically underperform. Or they have a phone's OS loaded. Which this one does. The processor seems like it would keep up, but don't expect to run tablet apps. It has 2.3 Gingerbread on it, which is a phone OS. 3.x Honeycomb is the tablet OS. So, expect to have some ...
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Hi guys, I need help with something: NSLog(@"%f",[@"10607.29" floatValue]); why does this return 10607.290039 instead of 10607.290000? Please help me, I appreciate any advice. laurensjuhh325 wrote: » Hi guys, I need help with something: NSLog(@"%f",[@"10607.29" floatValue]); why does this return 10607.290039 instead of 10607.290000? Please help me, I appreciate any advice. Use doubleValue method on NSString.. NSLog(@"%f",[@"10607.29" doubleValue]); Its probably something to do with precision during ...
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i have two button in my application i need to enable any one of the button.when one button is enable i have to click that button while other button sholud disablle..after clicking that button it should disable n second button should enabled..pls send me code for that.. Thanks, Ashok..

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