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Hi, I have downloaded the Irish Cabbage Lite, Textdroid, and Jelly SMS Free apps. They are used to log into web text accounts to send web texts. I have tried to log into my account on all 3 apps but it won't log in. I am using a HTC Desire on Vodafone UK. I am trying to log into my 02.ie webtext account. I have re-entered the password several times on all above apps. I have even changed the password, tried that, and I have also tried to log into my friends account. I have also removed and reinstalled at ...
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Im in a basement at work and im always on the wireless network with my epic. I notice when i send messages sometimes it doesnt go through and i notice i barely have a sprint signal. Im assuming I cant use the wifi to send messages and that sms NEEDS the sprint network, correct? Yes.. your messages need your 3G (or equivalent) to send SMS. If your signal is poor but wifi is good an alternative would be to use an "online" SMS service ... over this side of the world we can usually create an account on our ...
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Can someone please explain how I would make this universal. UIWebView *Web=[[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0,0,320,480)]; Web.scalesPageToFit=YES; NSString *WebText; NSURL *WebUrl; WebText=@"http://m.kraftrecipes.com/"; WebUrl=[NSURL URLWithString:WebText]; NSURLRequest *WebRequest=[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:WebUrl]; [Web loadRequest:WebRequest]; Web.tag=0; Web.backgroundColor=[UIColor whiteColor]; [self.view addSubview:Web]; [Web release]; You have a hard-coded CGRect. That is the only thing ...
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is there an app that is like textplus for the iphone which allows free texts AND also lets you choose a phone number to use instead of short code? google voice (talk) im not sure if this is what you mean but try textdroid. i get 250 free webtexts from O2 every month and i have it linked to my online O2 account so whenever i send a text to someone through it, it will log in to my o2 account and send the text using my 250 free texts. it supports a load of other carriers aswell. Google voice isnt available ...
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When using NSURL to go to a file, where are files located on the iPhone? file:///myfile.htm ? file:///documents/myfile.htm ? Somewhere else? Thanks, Linda You can get the address from the framework like this: NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"mypage" ofType:@"html"]; [webText loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:path]]]; EDIT: that smiley is really a : and then a p Thanks. But if I include a folder containing html files in the Resources folder of my ...
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International iPhone List Available >Australia (AU) Optus - iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s - $50 Credit< >Australia (AU) Telstra/Three/Vodafone - iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S - $30 Credit< >Australia (AU) Three/Vodafone (Blocked) - iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s - $75 Credit< >Australia (AU) Virgin - iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s - $50 Credit< >Brazil (BR) Claro/Tim/Vivo/Brazil Telecom (BrtCell) - iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S - $30 Credit< >Canada (CA) Rogers/Fido - iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s - $130 Credit< >Canada Telus/Koodo ...
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I live just outside the range of my cell service provider's coverage area. I am always missing SMS texts, and get a flood of them when I re-enter the signal area. Is there an app that will allow me to still send/receive sms on my phone using only the wifi in my house? I'm not talking about something like Skype or any other instant message app (IM), but an actual SMS app that will work on my phone, not my computer. Thanks! I'm not sure this is possible as the SMS settings are provided by your signal ...
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We are currently on a Vodafone UK Monthly Plan and am due an upgrade. My wifes daughter is in Holland and we will want to ring her (Voice) using a VOIP service like Skype occasionally when we cannot get Wi-Fi ie we will need to use 3G. Is this possible with any android phone and particularly relevant is if we stay with Vodafone? Many thanks for any advice offered If Skype won't work, look at Fring, Nimbuzz and a few others. Fring to Fring was free the last time I looked. There's a few new ones, too. On ...
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Sir I am using HTC flyer tab and I am running internet using Vodafone 2g data plan. I have downloaded some torrents from internet and I tried to download files using bittorrent and atorrent softwares. They are running at very low speed ie., 189 bytes per second and at highest speed at 5kbps. So in order to download 1gb torrent bittorrent is showing sometimes two years and at some times showing it would take 4 to 5 weeks. I have checked download speed using speedtest software and I have noticed download ...
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Can anyone answer a question that I am struggling to get to the bottom of, Can you send SMS messages in 3G ? My G1 shows 3g on the handset but is it actually sending the message via 3G or the traditional GSM network ? Doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on the web, Anyone got any ideas ? Was always my understanding that while you are connected to 3G you are still connected to the voice network - CDMA, GSM or whatever the case may be - over which your phone actually sends SMS. When I had a Verizon ...

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www.vodafone.ie/myv/‎CachedSend a webtext &middot; Unlock my phone &middot; Register for My Vodafone ... By using

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www.vodafone.ie/‎CachedSimilarBill pay and pay as you go mobile phones, 4G smartphones, tablets, SIMs, home

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https//support.vodafone.ie/.../selfservice.controller?...ie...Webtext...‎CachedSimilarEverybody loves free webtexts. See how you can stay in touch with your friends

How do I register for webtexts? - Support - Vodafone IE

https//support.vodafone.ie/.../selfservice.controller?...ie...‎CachedSimilarIt&#39;s really easy to sign up for free webtexts. All you need to do is register on My

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https//community.vodafone.ie/t5/My-Vodafone/Web-text/td.../5843‎CachedSimilarVodafone what have you done with web text? I keep being told that I need to

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https//support.vodafone.ie/.../selfservice.controller?...ie...‎CachedSimilarJump to content. Vodafone Ireland. Menu; Search &middot; Basket &middot; Personal site &middot; Basket

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https//support.vodafone.ie/.../selfservice.controller?...ie...‎CachedSimilarWith Vodafone webtext you can save all your contacts in one place! When you

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https//www.vodafone.ie/myv/.../Login.shtml?.../webtext/index...‎CachedSimilarGet great deals on mobile phones, landlines, broadband, pay as you go and pay

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www.vodafone.ie/terms/website/‎CachedSimilarThe terms and conditions under this heading relate to the &#39;Webtext&#39; service only

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https//community.vodafone.ie/t5/Billpay.../Webtext-not...p/48012‎CachedSimilarWhenever I try to send a webtext, I press "send now" and it takes me to the ...

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