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It really pains me to have to ask you guys this newbie question, but I guess I don't have any choice. And yes, I've done google searches. Couldn't find what I needed to know. And please, don't be like the linux community and give me 2 word answers that don't mean sh*t to a newbie. I know next to nothing about android. My old brain is having trouble keeping up with... Anyway, I have android 2.1. I've noticed that my browser can't play videos at certain sites and can't play mp3s at certain sites. What apps ...
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1. Aumenta tu promoción Lo sé. Suena raro, pero en estos tiempos la gran mayoría de los empresarios disminuyen sus gastos publicitarios. Esto es un error. Cuando hay una recesión, tu objetivo es aumentar tu publicidad para atraer a los clientes a través de especiales, cupones y descuentos. La economía mejorará y será a ti a quien los clientes elijan. 2. Ofrece algo gratis ¿A quién no le gusta algo regalado? Ofrece un reporte, una consulta, una linda bolsa con la compra del ...
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i want to build a site that will take news content from a few other sites that are updated regularly and "aggregate" them all onto one page. For example: Site X, Site Y, and Site Z are updated on a near daily basis, have similar content, and many people visit all three sites daily to read their new articles. I want to create a website that will display the newest content from all three sources chronologically, with the newest a the top. I know that RSS is supposed to be used for sydication, and that is ...
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Hi, I have searched the forums and cannot find what i need so i am creating this post. Somehow I managed to change my default shsh directory path in TU's GUI to some invalid path and now TU will not start. I am sure that TU is storing its config file for the user entered default shsh path which i cannot find anywhere. Also I have deleted and re-downloaded TU but it is still referencing that invalid path from somewhere. Even emailing,tweeting the developer of TU(no reply) and decompiling the TU jar did not ...
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i have this function that will read the files it is given. the names are stored in an array. after it gets the files it will open them, explde them into lines and then sort them, into a verb or an "adverb" (sorry for the spelling). if $condigation is set it will add a condigation and a tense to the back of the word, then it will right this to a file. it will do the same for the adverb. Then it read the file again and randomy puts them back in to it. function display($c, $verb, $adverb, $congiation ) { // ...
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I have a problem with this code, the thing is that when an image loads on the div... it takes the full space availible that its offering on width and height so it looks rely messy here's the code: <a rel='nofollow' href="ab/tu.jpg" onclick="return loadImage('ab/tu.jpg','imgHolder')">Tu:)</a> <br> <html> <head> <title>Untitled</title> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function loadImage(imageSrc, imageID) { if(document.getElementById) { document.getElementById(imageID).src = imageSrc; return false; } ...
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Hi, is it possible to set LogCat in Eclipse to UTF-8 ??? Log.d("MyActivity", "Tu mal lieber die Möhrchen"); System.out.println("Tu mal lieber die Möhrchen"); Toast.makeText(MyActivity.this, "Tu mal lieber die Möhrchen", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); The toast shows the String correctly. LogCat (using Log or System.out.println) shows crap like this: 03-05 18:37:01.923: INFO/System.out(936): Tu ma lieber die Möhrchen 03-05 18:37:01.913: DEBUG/MyActivity(936): Tu ma lieber die Möhrchen I ...
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What is a good free online YouTube to MP4 converter? No wonder, we are free to go to YouTube and watch our favorite videos anytime we want but there is one thing keeps coming to mind. You guessed it right, it's the thought of enjoying YouTube videos on portable devices, PCs and mobiles. Downloading YouTube to MP4 format is a good choice to let your store YouTube clips and watch them on almost any of your multimedia devices. Fortunately, there are quite a few websites that allow you to download YouTube to ...

Liên Khúc nhạc Chế Trong Tù tổng hợp ( full ) - YouTube

&#9658; 5804www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ers2U7G_UOE5 Dec 2011 - 58 min - Uploaded by Ngọc Nguyễn Đức

Nhạc Chế Trong Tù - Giã từ quá khứ - Lã Lâm Phong (re ... - YouTube

&#9658; 348www.youtube.com/watch?v=u90kW_YMgnw29 May 2013 - 4 min - Uploaded by Hoang Xuan Chung

Tùng chùa - Huyền thoại nhạc chế trong tù phiên bản 2013 - YouTube

&#9658; 4240www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrGSB08iURw5 Jul 2013 - 43 min - Uploaded by Bui Linh

Nhạc chế trong tù 2013 - ver 2 - YouTube

&#9658; 3734www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgT4AsWka8c4 Jun 2013 - 38 min - Uploaded by Huy Nguyễn Văn

LK nhạc chế trong tù - YouTube

&#9658; 5918www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bFlT2N0J1A24 May 2013 - 59 min - Uploaded by Tài Trần Kim

Huyền thoại nhạc chế trong tù p7 - YouTube

&#9658; 323www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5cLVWuN-J818 Jun 2013 - 3 min - Uploaded by Tũm Ngốk

nhac che trong tu ban goc - YouTube

&#9658; 5757www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLE_3AVPfLA23 Aug 2012 - 58 min - Uploaded by Dance2012RGKG

nhac che trong tu - YouTube

&#9658; 8813www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca_euhEiohc7 Aug 2013 - 88 min - Uploaded by Thánh Cờ

Liên Khúc Nhạc Chế Trong Tù - Lê Thanh ( hát trong trại giam Chí ...

mp3.zing.vn/bai...Che-Trong-Tu...trong.../IW7FBZD0.html‎CachedSimilarChiều nao tiễn nhau đi khi bóng ngả xế tàn / hoàng hôn đến đâu đây màu tím kg

Tùng chùa - Huyền Thoại Nhạc chế trong tù ngày xưa

www.haivl.com/photo/501553‎CachedSimilarTùng chùa - Huyền Thoại Nhạc chế trong tù ngày xưa. Lượt xem 181.993 Lượt

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