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I know the url issue has been discussed quite a bit here, but most of the threads have made me even more curious. This is for a brand new site. I don't want to set off any weird oop filters off the bat here. The site is dealing in hotel reservations. A super super saturated market, but that's another story. Which do you think would be better, and why? where the [foo] ...
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I am trying to find an app that will connect to Internet Relay Chat and support Direct Client to Client transfers. I am using a 7inch tablet running 4.0 and have tried over 7 apps so far and had no luck. I am willing to buy the app but I don't want to buy an app that has no DCC support.
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I am setting up an e-mail form for my website and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. Here is the site: Here is the error that shows up: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/petra/public_html/contactus.php on line 112 Here is the page code: HTML: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <title>stone veneer - contact us</title> <meta name="keywords" content="stone ...
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could someone please help me out, i got mirc 6.12 when i try to download something i always recieved a messege "You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (150 seconds remaining until timeout)" how do i fix this? You have your DCC settings set to block, there for you cannot download anything (DCC is just another term for downloading through the miRC program) . I dont have mIRC installed on this computer but from memory its just a box you uncheck in the securites section. It's smart to ...
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Hello, First of all, thanks for reading this. I'm running a website, It was running great for months but now some basterd desided to hack it. I lost all my admin rights on the geeklog system and the fuetured news was: "Hacked, hacked by the unfurnate happy." My forums wre hacked the day before, but upgraded them to a higher version. I can't upgrade my geeklog system since then the template won't work anymore on it. What can I do? I'm desperate. This was his request: //removed - - ...
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i have just installed mirc 6.12 and when i try to send files,it doesn't matter to whom i try to send,all my dcc sessions timeout,what can an should i do plzzzzzz Make sure that your firewall isnt blocking access and also check your DCC settings too. Are you going through a firewall/proxy/router/BNC at all? Does the network you're on have a /dccallow system in place? Is the person you're attempting to send to ignoring DCCs? (mIRC blocks certain filetypes from even being acknowledged by default on the ...
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Can someone help me figure out what's wrong with my coding? I can't get the form to send the information to my e-mail address. I know nothing about PHP, (and very little about web design), and I used several templates that people had on their sites, but none of them worked. My site is and the form is on the contact page. Thanks! First off, your contact page is named contact us.htm - get rid of the space, either name the file contact.htm or contactus.htm Secondly, you are submitting the form ...
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Good day everyone I'm new to these forums so I guess this is my hello as well I wish to know if there is a way to disable off site linking, I'm helping out another webmaster with disabling a leech from another site and wish to know what would the best perl script to make sure this doesn't happen anymore, she's getting tired of her bandwidth being ripped off. Thanks in advance for any options that we can attempt are you saying that her images and content are being linked by other sites without your ...
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Hello all, it may be beating a dead horse at this point but I thought it would be good to have one central thread dedicated to the one-way audio and/or audio reboot issue on the Galaxy Nexus (thanks for the suggestion Tim K.). I know there are a lot of other threads and posts about this issue but this thread should be soley for reporting your location. City/state is preferred (ex. Los Angeles, CA) but if there are privacy concerns, then what part of your state is good too (ex. eastern WA). The point is to ...
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Hey guys. Not very often I'm stuck enough to ask a question lol! But I am not very familiar with PHP or Apache (I normally do .Net websites) and I'm at a loss as to why I can't get my non-www to www redirect working! The website is using a CMS called ModX evolution. I don't think this matters but just in case. I am attempting the redirect in the ht.access file. The contents of which are below (with the real URL swapped out). HTML Code: # For full documentation and other suggested options, please see # ...

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