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I'm looking for software with the following traits: 1. creates web based forms 2. easy for someone to use who has little or no programming experience 3. stores form data in mysql database 4. option to send form data as an email 5. not only does it create forms for inputting data, but has some kind of report generator, or functionality to create a page to read data in the database. This should allow searching, sorting, and pagination 6. costs less than $600 We've got a lot of people who want web forms for ...
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I have recently acquired PHP and MySQL, and want to create a system which will allow users the creation of simple webpages to upload pictures to and create text/objects associated with those pictures. This system must have an interface to allow webpage creation without HTML knowledge, and a user account database. Hopefully also with simple administration restrictions, such as file type and size. I personally have no knowledge of PHP and am in need of such a script, freely. Does anything like this exist? ...
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im making a site called Let it Out where people go in their most frustrated moments and they can post anonymously (ya i spelled it wrong) and it just appears on the page. I want to built it myself without the help of some software you install. I was wondering where I could learn how to do this. do you think w3schools would help? i know id need php and a mysql wouldnt i? There are going to be different approaches to this. What you are looking to build is called a CMS, or content management system. Since you ...
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I have an A4 document that i want to turn into a pdf form. The form needs tick boxes, boxes to enter a number, boxes to enter address fields etc. It is essentially an order form that collects a customers choices, payment info, delivery options, and contact details. Can anyone help me make this form and if so how much will it cost. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum so please move if necessary.
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Can anybody tell me how to make switching login and registration form with HTML5 and CSS3? Hi, R u looking for this type of forms? Let me know if any issues.
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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cheap for free WYSIWYG php/java/javascript website creation script? I'd prefer GNU open source if possible so I can modify it. I'm basically just looking for something easy to use for novices to make a simple website. Just thought I'd ask you all for advice. Casey wrote: Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cheap for free WYSIWYG php/java/javascript website creation script? I'd prefer GNU open source if possible so I can modify it. I'm basically just ...
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Been developing a software that creates and manages citations. For launch we will have 60 sources. We will be also adding 20-30 new sources per month. We also plan to be able to manage social media and coupon updates in future versions. My team has been discussing doing an affiliate program. We have a sales team in place to do fine with out it. I'm just wondering if there is interested for an affiliate program or interested in a white label for such a product? Thanks for your time.
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Hi, Do you know a good software that allows me to create "tree menu" and save it as .swf flash format ? You can try Flash Menu Labs Standard Edition. You can find many resources here: is a good website If you need custom high quality menus, please feel free to contact me via my PM This should do it. As I know, Sothink has products can make Flash menu. But it is not suggested to make Flash menu, because it can make your site not SEO friendly. Try adobe flash player
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Hi All, As the subject of this post suggests, I am looking for a free software that will allow me to create a web template (using a drag-and-drop approach) and generate .css code from the final design. Is there something like this? If so, please do let me know. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pranav I don't know of anything that does this. If you find some I would like to have a look. I design my sites in a desktop publisher (page plus) then, once I know how I want it to look in the end I code it manualy. ...
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