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I managed to sync my bookmarks from my work PC running Firefox 4 to my HTC Evo's Firefox, but I'd also like to sync with my home PC at the same time so all 3 have the same bookmarks, always up to date. Any ideas? Thanks! Morgan Is this using Firefox's sync program? If so, I use Sync to sync up my work, home, and laptop computers and haven't had an issue. Have you tried adding your home PC into the mix? I'm not sure how to add my home pc in... Ahhh...I was trying to put the second pc to my phone, when I ...
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The firefox app wont sync/import the bookmarks from the PC firefox. I follow the steps but nothing happens, i double checked after a while and still no bookmarks are synced/imported. The Firefox bookmarks sync successfully on my pc and laptops no problem. sync Pleez help.
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Hi guys, I have a weird problem. My site seems to work on Safari and Firefox on the Mac, and internet explorer on the PC, but it's all screwed up on Firefox for PC. It seems to be a problem with the css, things are just not in the place they are supposed to be! Unfortunately I don't have a PC to test this out for myself, so here is a link to my css:, and the website: Any help is greatly appreciated! doh ... can't see it on ...
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Hey I would lke this ideal cross-platform situation - im surfing the web on my android, have some tabs open but want to read them later on, maybe on my android or maybe on my PC through firefox. For the above to happen - what app is best for saving/syncing webpages in tabs? I love the 'session manager' on my PC firefox but not sureif the android version of firefox has this function? I know Google Chrome has an extension for this with an app on the phone, not sure for Firefox. Read It Later: One List ...
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Hi, i am new here and i want to buy a tablet pc. I want to use the tablet pc to see internet tv. On my desktop pc there is firefox and i can install several plugins to see internet tv. It is possible, to install those plugins on an Android tablet pc? Or which kind of possibility is there to use internet tv? Otherwise i see only a solution to buy a tablet pc with windows 7? What internet TV is it? If the service uses Flash, should be viewable on your tablet no problem, as long as it's got Flash installed. ...
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Please help, I'm beyond frustrated at this moment with the whole idea of finding a drop-down menu I can get to work properly in all browsers!!! I've created a menu that works beautifully in Windows IE, but when I view in Firefox or Safari the drop downs don't work at all. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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