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I long press on other pics and it works fine, but it won't work in facebook. Is It a facebook thing? BFF app.... it's an app to not only save 1 photo off of FB, but entire albums.... you can dang sure creep your best friend's 18 y.o. sister's albums very efficiently with that bastard lol it's also free
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Hi All I've been on a mass retheming kick today. Adding home++ and a whole shedload of widgets to streamline my use of the phone. However after re-organising everything I found that the facebook widget is just that bit to dang big. From what I can tell its 4 x 2. What I'd really like is 4x1 or something similar. Im not bothered about having the "share" or "update status" bit on the top I'd just like a widget that shows my friends status's like the current one, ie it rotates through the most recent. I had a ...
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Anyone know of a really good phone book type app for the Hero? I hate the organization of the Hero's contacts, etc. The moment for peats sake has at least the tabular tabs at the top for organization. I like that.. I saw Phonebook in the market, but the reviews dont speak volumes. Anything else? Try aContacts. aContacts v1.3.3 Application for Android | Communication I use it, and love it. What phone do u have? The reviews all say its sluggish? I run the Hero myself G1 with 1.6. Do you have the Sprint Hero ...
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I'm all about being able to link a contact to their facebook page which shows their pics, etc. However, I have only been able to link a contact to a facebook contact by entering their full name. I have many contacts that I have as nicknames or as Bank Erica, if it's Erica from the bank.... Is there a way to link 'Bank Erica' to her actual 'Erica Bxxxx' facebook page? I would assume that you could use email to do this, but have not found a way. Please advise if there is something I am missing or if there is ...
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I started playing some games (n64 emulator -ocarina of time) and dang did my phone get hot so i stopped playing it. I also noticed it does get fairly warm when browsing reddit or facebook. How do you guys feel about this problem? Completely unconcerned. I used to have an S2 and sometimes that would get very hot. It never got too hot to touch with my hand but sometimes it would have been very uncomfortable to hold against my face. Often this was when I was playing games but it occasionally happened randomly ...
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So, as stated I use gsitecrawler. I recently set up a blog which is linked to from my homepage and a few other pages. But when i tell gsitecrawler to create a new sitemap it doesn't include my blog which sits in its subfolder i.e. website-copy-writer/blog Gsitecrawler is a bit of a mystery to me. Any ideas? Any takers?
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Too funny not to share Cute lol, thank you for sharing Nice! I love it Saw it in one of the post by Barry Schwartz on Searchengineland.com named Dilbert: Hiring A Weasel To Do SEO & Corrupt The Industry. It's quite Funny but it is also an indirect attack on SEOs. A quote from his post: Quote: The cartoon ties people who do SEO as weasels and those that hire SEOs as an accomplice, someone who actively participates in the commission of a crime. It goes on to say the SEO will go ahead and “game the ...
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So, I went through fotolia and istockphoto for pics like this: http://www.lpgconversionsltd.co.uk/t.../bg_banner.png AND, for the life of me - I couldn't figure out what I'm looking for..? I want to have a header image like that one on one of my designs. I tried searching for "landscapes" and "green fields" as illustrations and vectors - but to no avail. If anyone could help me find a similar image - I'd be ever so grateful!
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Can I get googles engine to list my homepage first... . instead of sub pages? And, the site was built using rubyonrails. I'm not gettting sitelink under my listing. Why? Quote: Originally Posted by t.roy Can I get googles engine to list my homepage first... . instead of sub pages? Your efforts can't be guaranteed, but yes you can!
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I got the chance to upgrade my Ally to one of these two. Which one, in your opinion should I go with? We got the Droid X, great screen size and 16GB sd card and 8 internal memory. Absolutely love it. droid 2 physical keyboard, good size, same basic hardware (d2g 1.2 processor) and software (stock 2.2 froyo) as an x with out feeling like your carrying around an lcd tv in your pocket. my mom got an x a day before i got my d2, it freaking huge the viewing area on it is as big as my whole phone, i couldn't ...
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