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Check out this page in ie, then check it out in fire fox or safari. This is valid XHTML 1.0. http://profile.prosoco.com/product_list.aspx There is a div that displays when you hover over "espanol". Why does the div display at the far left of the next line in mozilla and just below the text (Espanol) in IE? I want it to show up just under the text, espanol. How can I get it to do that? Thanks in advance. Sample of my code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ...
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I am working on a church app. On one of the views I want to show on a map the location of church and have a way to get directions there. I have looked In Tutorials and found nothing there for maps. What is the best way to accomplish what I need? YouTube had some tutoriLs for mkmapview but they were all en espanol spiderguy84 wrote: » I am working on a church app. On one of the views I want to show on a map the location of church and have a way to get directions there. I have looked In Tutorials and ...
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