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Hi all, I would like to advertise my game using a pay per install service with a budget < $1k. I'm undecided between using Facebook ( Mobile App Ads for Installs ) and Flurry, what do you think about it? Is there any one that already tried them and can tell me pros and cons? Thanks for you support. Bruno Which market -- US? and is the app paid? Both networks can deliver a lot of volume, but Facebook will allow you to target users more precisely (by interests, demographic characteristics, location, etc.). ...
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How to get to 5000 visitors per day to your website The book Knows you the basics for improving your site visitors via Facebook, thiis website which has become the World indispensable Social network Knows you how to get baklinks from Facebook How does it contribute to bring visitors to your site and forums Visitors arrive to 5000 Targeted visitors per day to your site The book contains much tips I hope you enjoy it You can download it from the Official author's blog ...
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Has anyone tried facebook install ads? FB advertises their service as CPI based, however, after trying it, it seems like FB is just using a confusing description to attract developers, while they do not provide real "installs" (like real CPI services do). I've tried to advertise both paid and free apps - what they call "max bid USD per install" was never met there. Paid app was really a $10 per install with "max bid USD per install" set to $1. Free app was really a $0.75 per install with "max bid USD per ...
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I just got the HTC inspire and on the facebook app it does not save your username or password. I dont want to stay logged in because I only have 200 gb per month of data. I deactiavated all notifications. Does this mean facebook will only use data when i open it. Quote: I only have 200 gb per month of data. Pretty sure you mean 200 MB, not GB. Quote: I deactiavated all notifications. Does this mean facebook will only use data when i open it. That depends on how often you have it syncing. This also depends ...
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I'm new developer and I try to test post to my fan page with my facebook app. why facebook delete my app and post if over 25 posts per day ? please suggest for me. thanks.
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Well the cheap ride seems to be over yet again. Where I was paying around 9 cents per install of my app using Facebook mobile app install ads for the last 3 months (Aug, Sept, Oct) I am now paying over 30 cents per install no matter what combination of demographics/ad text I am using. I actually called up Facebook to discuss this with them (I won't be advertising anymore at 30 cents per install...simply not economical) and the line they fed to me was "It's getting near the Holidays, more advertising are ...
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Wanted to share my results and targeting that netted me $0.09 per install. While the ad and targeting are pretty specific to my app, perhaps you can use some of the ideas in your ads. Impressive results! I wonder if this can scale on a large campaign of thousands of dollars. Our experience wasn't that good. For a highly targeted campaign for the first day we've seen ~$0.40 CPI, the day after $0.7, next day $1.0 and then it never went lower than $1.0 per install. Yesterday I did $0.16 per install with $20 ...
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Optimise for Clicks or Optimise for Installs? In my first tests OfC seems to do a little better, what are your results? Do you have the Facebook SDK installed and turned on in your app? Yes, after getting longer results it now seems to pay off for the cpi. Not really longterm results though.. Over the last 7 days using a CPI campaign I've gotten 733 installs at a cost of $69.42 ($0.09 cents per install) This is from 1804 "clicks" So that is 3 cents per click. Can you get better or equal to 3 cents per ...
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Alright I am going to launch an app soon via GameSalad (bought it off someone). So I cannot have any SDKs included in the app. I want to use Facebook install ads (I heard they are highly effective) for the app. Without an SDK implemented, is it a good idea to use facebook install ads for a free app? If so, what should I pay per click, etc. Thanks in advance. You can still use it as a pay per install campaign you just can't track the cost per install which is by far the greatest metric I have found to ...
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Just noticed while trying to make a new Facebook Mobile app install campaign that you can now select "Manual Bidding" which brings up a cost per action (CPA) option where you will be charged only when an install results from the click. This is different than it has been in the past where is was a "cost per view" (CPM) basis. The suggested bids look a little high for my free app, and I had been getting around 0.09 cents per intstall using the CPM option. However I noticed over the past few days my CPI has ...

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