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Hi Guys, When I try to load any page from my IIS 5.1 (XPProSP2), It says: Quote: Server Application Error The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information. Please contact the server administrator for assistance. This doesnt come when I load any HTML pages. Please help me. My entire work depends on IIS. And for the event log, Event Viewer Says: Quote: The COM+ Event System detected a bad return ...
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Does the Android work with MS Exchange? Also is there a way to easily port my contacts from a Windows Mobile phone to an Android phone? Thanks in advance. From the front page of this site: Yeah, you can port contacts pretty easy. Sync your windows mobile phone to Outlook, then sync that to gmail. Done. i'll just wait for an actual exchange client as well as an AT&T variant of the phone itself. also does the G1 support ...
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Shenzhen, China, January 11th, 2013 – Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company aiming to provide state-of-art software solution for users to get accesses to PowerPoint presentations on multimedia devices, has in recent days released upgraded PowerPoint converters including Leawo PowerPoint to Video, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD, Leawo PowerPoint to FLV, Leawo PowerPoint to iPad and Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube. The Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade has included added support for ...
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I'm not a newb to phones, etc. But, I just started my first job where I have been given an e-mail ID and my e-mail gets delivered to Microsoft Outlook on my desktop. I'm not sure how it works (although I guess I can ask) but I would like this e-mail to be delievered to my phone. Also I would like my calendar on my Outlook synced with my phone. I have a HTC Magic with Sense UI which has a section that says "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync". I have tried a few times but each time I put in the information it ...
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Hiya, I'm trying to get a contact form to work on a client's website. My host (EUKhost) say I have to use asp script. I'm not a scripter in any way, shape or form and don't understand it at all. I've never done contact forms before for this reason. Can anyone help me with sorting out the script to go with my contact form please before I tear my hair out? I've got the contact form situated temporarily at if that helps at all. Thank you!!! Ok... First ...
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when i play halo it lags like crazy. u cant even start a game. u get to the main menu and its only like blue and black squares. and the cursor moves really slowly. its worse than nes graphics,like 10 times worse! it says my video driver is not used on before halo or sumthing. i have all the recommended specs. my comp specs r as followed toshiba 5005-s507A 1.1 ghz 512 ram 32 ram nvidia geforce4 440 go 40gb please help. also on rainbow six 3, it lags a little but the game works and the graphics are fine. Not ...
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The article below is a little old but i found it very useful. On my SE X10, with the Moxier Mail app, which comes with the phone, i have been able to sync my hotmail, including all the folders, and not just the inbox - like the default android mail app does. ----------------------------------------------------------- Windows Live is not the first thing you would think of when combined with an Android device. However, there are certainly options for Hotmail users on Android phones. Although no dedicated app ...
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Hi all, I just bought the new HTC Dream on the 2nd and am finally getting around to setting it up. I downloaded Touchdown through the market, but am wondering if this is the best app to sync my microsoft calendar and tasks. Please let me know what you think as I hope to have it all set up this week to start work. Thanks, Sarah The rodgers rom If you root your phone. Search for MyLink for Outlook ; it syncs all I believe the Rogers ROM only allows you to sync with an Exchange server directly, it does not ...
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I am not a newbie at Outlook, Android or smartphones. Given the frustration level, I had to lean on Companionlink to get the product working in a letter. Wayland and fellow professionals, I have been a client of your since 2004 and in IT/high tech for 30 years. While it is clear that you are market leaders with an opportunity to sell in an inexplicable vacuum Android –Outlook sync, there are some things I just don’t get. I wouldn’t write you this letter if I hadn’t wasted many hours with your ...
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please help.. I was trying to install adobe premiere pro 2.0 and adobe after effects 7.0 but a runtime error message stating that the application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way and to contact the application support team for more information.. what should i do? the message appears every time i enter the setup.exe thank you Always search error messages in google. Chances are that someone has had the problem before you.

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