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Hi all im looking for software or script like would anyone know what they are using ??? Thanks in advance.. ChatRoulette is custom coded. It utilizes Flash Peer2Peer Connections and also WOWZER as the Media Server if they can't use p2p. It can also be done with red5 as well. Thanks thats quite a mash up of technology, how much would one charge for a script like that ?? I would charge $500 for my Java red5 media server. And an additional $1,000 for the Flash and PHP coding. Wowza is not a ...
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Is there by any chance any app that is similar to chatroulette? Welcome to Android Forums, rezm. Have you tried using the search feature in Market? Perhaps a search on the word, "Chatroulette" itself, or "meet people," or something similar might yield results similar to Chatroulette. Good luck. Quote: Originally Posted by rezm174 Thank you. I have searched this, and all i've gotten is chat roulette which is just a chat room and picroulette, but neither are video chatting. picroulette is very fun, btw Thank ...
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Please help,I'm looking for a Chatroulette clone that is suitable for mobile devices such as android and that will work with the cameras and fit to a mobile device.Please can anyone helps and point me in the right direction
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Im currently in the works of trying to design a website similar to chatroulete and omegle. But for adults only, plus a paid membership. My question is, how is this possible and how much will it run me for the scripting and security? I'm on a very small budget, so please try to be open minded here. - On this site when you first come to the website, have something ask if they are Male or Female, and then they can select what they are wanting to connect to (Male seeking female/Female seeking male/ect). Also, ...
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Does anyone know how to integrate a webcam into a website? The client would like a feature that allows the user to take a picture of themselves using a webcam if the computer has it. Any ideas on where to start? An example is here: chatroulette 2 seconds looking at chatroulette shows they're using flash. Flash is the easiest and simplest way to use webcams or video streaming. this simple code will work for you Code: client_nc = new NetConnection(); client_nc.connect("rtmp:/livecam2"); mycam = Camera.get(); ...
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Are there any websites where you can show your webcam to another person, without downloading any software? just bare websites? Without downloading Yahoo messenger, without skype, without msn messenger. Which sites are there? check out the chatroulette website.. you can chat there w/ random people on chatroulette beware of dudes constantly sitting there with their junks out. and is there a specific reason you have asked this question? You can use camvoice for live video chat. I think you can handle easily.
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I have recently switched to android from windows mobile. I`m very happy with it, but i am wondering if there are any apps out there that would let me use my phone as a webcam?? One i`ve used on wm6 is called mobiola webcam, it would be great to have something similar on my new phone. To be honest...I don't think anything like that has been created yet... I had a look around the market and it doesn't seem to bring up anything similar to what you desire... You can always have a look yourself though in case I ...
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Is there a way to go on lets say or on your phone (I have an Evo with 2.2) and the site be able to recognize the phones cameras?
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