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Buat para master, mohon panduan pake channel dong? Saya tidak yakin apa yang Anda cari? Anda dapat, pada tab layer, klik "master" untuk mendapatkan warna penuh dalam dokumen Anda bekerja. Apakah ini? ok aku mengerti, Anda bisa klik "add layer mask" untuk membuat alpha channel dan kemudian gunakan warna putih dan hitam untuk melukis jauh hal-hal yang Anda tidak ingin memiliki dalam gambar. Channel dapat membantu Anda cut sesuatu picture yang sukar. Ianya alternatif lain selain menggunakan lasso tool.
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بِسْـــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم Buat Programmer Android yang terhormat dan Semoga Ilmunya terus meningkat dan bermanfaat Ane mau minta pencerahan ni Guru Ane mau membuat Aplikasi Android melalui Eclipse yang bisa menjalankan perintah di Linux, Jadi nanti program yang dibuat, terhubung ke Linux melalui SSH Guru, dengan program yang terhubung tersebut, otomatis Android dan Linux sudah saling terhubung. Nah setelah terhubung, di Aplikasi Android nanti udah ada tombol2 yang ...
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I have been experimenting with root explorer for about 6 months now. Just figured out i can extraxt an app and then zip contents. Rename to apk. Now i tried inserting a file that comes as a notification that it is missing. Then i rename to .apk but now it will not install. Says application not installed. Very cool that i can do that even without success, is pretty cool. Well can someone give me bit oof advice to insert files and have installation. Or maybe i am not inserting the missing file in the right ...
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What I want to accomplish is that the user selects one of three type of voices to compliment a displayed image. My question is how would I be able to store that in my resources and access it within my app. For example, if my resource looks like resources audio voice1 sayA.wav voice2 sayA.wav voice3 sayA.wav How would I be able to load sayA.wav from voice2 to play this short clip in my code? Thank you for any help. alexP wrote: » What I want to accomplish is that the user selects one of three type of ...
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should include cartoon image YG Entertainment is Psy's record label. Does make sense... So, is Apple pulling all those apps? Will Justin Bieber be next, along with One Direction? Should clean up the store a bit. I think so. But for JB, maybe his company is more generous for this nich market.
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If I posted on wrong section, mod please move this topic to related category. Hi, It seems my site is hacked and following text is appearing on my every page of my site. note: I have changed http and .com with xxx. My site has lot of pages and have wordperss, gallery3, and custom php cms are hosted on same hosting. Site hosting is What should I do, I searched my pages there is not text link rankexplorer or poker software. Please suggest me what should i do? I'm not to sure whats wrong, but IÂ ...
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It was in the news last night that Mark Zuckenberg's facebook account got hacked but this founder managed to control this well. Is it true? It is true: typographical error. sorry if thats true than that is such a shame. but i dont think this will be true as he must be knowing all the loopholes of his website and security and would be very well efficient in controlling that. Excuse me buddy, Zuckerberg not Zuckenberg... This shows how insecure facebook ...
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don't know how many of you already know this... - An extension of Firefox called FireSheep allows hackers to easily hack user's accounts in the major social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. even a newbie can hack anyone's account using this extension. And it's so easy... Firesheep has been around for a while. It's quite amazing that even though the vulnerabilities it takes advantage of are easy to prevent against, many sites still don't do this. No Wi-Fi at MacDonalds for me anymore Hehe ... do ...
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very often my friends on Facebook receive ads related to iphone and other stuff sent through my ID, which i never does, os is it hacking or facebook playing the advertising game with my ID.. well for the time being i have changed my password.. what do u all suggest. Hmm, I dont know. That sounds a bit wierd though. Well they do have that thing you sign up with where they can track what your doing. Yes this is a huge big brother problem were starting to see more of.
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Security specialist Ron Bowes has once again proven how easy it is to glean valuable user information from Facebook, by spidering Facebook’s online directory and compiling it all into one neat little torrent that could be downloaded off his site, Bowes created a torrent containing over 171 million entries with links to profiles that provide access to the names, addresses and phone numbers of 100 million users, one fifth of Facebook. Bowes accessed Facebook’s directory, which ...
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