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When I use Thunderbird to import my address book, it does not ask where to look to import the file. Is there some special place I need to put my outlook express file for the thunderbird software to find it? says: "Subsequent to launching Thunderbird for the first time, you can also go the the 'Tools' menu, select 'Import...', and then individually import your mail, address books, or settings from Outlook Express." This does not work. when I select ...
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I've installed K9 on my DX and have a question - Is there a specific setting in K9 to leave email on server after fetching? I see some options for K9 handling deletions and syncing, but nothing that says "Leave Email On Server". K9 seems to be a great solution for mimicking Outlook Express behavior and even seems to handle the SSL requirements on our Qwest email accounts. Thanks. Jim Quote: Originally Posted by JustSittingHere I've installed K9 on my DX and have a question - Is there a specific setting in ...
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I have ACT 6.0, I also use it for my email. Someone set it up a few months ago while I was gone; the problem is I have the mail from my domain being forwarded to my ISP mailbox via Outlook express. My mail is also being forwarded to ACT which has a built in Outlook express. All my mail is coming in duplicates, sometimes quadrupilate (sp). I have no idea how to stop the ACT email, I only want my mail going to OE--not ACT. Anyone knows how to disable this forwarding. Thanks in Advance Moved to the Windows ...
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Hey all, Before I state my problem, I would like to tell you want i'm doing. First of all i built a form for the users to enter their name, email, etc with security and form validation. Everything is working good because i receive the date to my email. However when a user just his or her name the system doesn't return the appropriate error. Example 'You forgot to enter your email.' To be more specific, the form doesn't validates. Here is the code: <?php $page_title = 'Register'; include ...
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I am not a windows person and need to know how to check the flags that are set on an email message in outlook express. I was told to view the _index.xml file in explorer. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks a million! The meaning of the flags you mentioned are ...? Stacy wrote: I am not a windows person and need to know how to check the flags that are set on an email message in outlook express. I was told to view the _index.xml file in explorer. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks a million! ...
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eCard Express HD (iPad): eCard Express (iPhone): With a large collection of classic & cartoon eCards in virtually every possible category, and a very simple, user friendly and intuitive interface, eCard Express makes it easy for you to share and send the high quality cards via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and Flickr. With as little as 5 taps, you can send an eCard to your friends, ...
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I WANT TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH EVERYBODY WHO MAY HAVE PROBLEMS WITH OUTLOOK EXPRESS. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE FIX TO ALL PROBLEMS. KEEP THIS IN THE ARCHIVES AND THANK GOD FOR MY PRESENCE ON THIS FORUM. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU... ALWAYS. 1.Unblocking Attachments in Outlook Express 6 Outlook Express 6 came with a new security feature, the ability to block attachments from being saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. This feature is enabled by default. In my experience it has blocked every ...
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i'm using web browser microsoft internet explorer to send page to e-mail. i click file, send, and choose send page by e-mail. then it will automatically link to microsoft outlook express. i can send page to recipient. here is my requirement, how can i choose many pages to send simultaneously and send the page to different people. each person will get diiferent page. any suggestion to solve this problem? moved to windows forum I am finding it difficult to understand what it is your looking for.. Here is my ...
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ive got this task form school to make a payment like form in php... to show that we can do it, but im having trouble since this is far more advanced than previous tasks... what should i do, can i make the layout in html, and is it possible to make a "clear all data" button so that u can clear the entered text and so on? should the entered text from the input fields all goto/save to a single txt file on the server? Below is the credit card html form with Reset button: Quote: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ...
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